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Kim Einspahr
3 months ago
Nebraska Dog Trainers did a remarkable job with our dog, Oakley. A month later, he is still following commands and enjoys the freedom of being “off leash” now that he’s properly trained. We can take him anywhere. This program was worth every penny!

Sarah O

4 months ago
I can’t say enough great things about Lesley and Brandi! My Rhodesian Ridgeback is a 100 pound ball of energy and they helped me redirect that energy into an extremely well behaved dog. I’m super particular about who I trust with my only …More

Stephanie Summers
8 months ago
Our 1 year old Golden Doodle was grabbing our children’s toys inside and outside the house and running around like a wild man. We had no way of catching him outside, and it turned into a daily game that ended in a lot of frustration and …More

Cassandra Miller

6 months ago
Cannot say enough amazing things about Off the Leash! They took my rambunctious 8 month old German Shepherd and turned him into a well behaved functioning puppy of society. He went from trying to be the first one out the door to waiting …More

Pat Bryan

3 weeks ago
I couldn’t have been happier when I picked Fedor up. Better than I expected

Cindi Randall

3 months ago
Only trainer I have met that is worth her salt. If you want someone who sincere and truly cares about you and your dog, see Leslie.

Karen Carlson

6 months ago
Great training. Brandi and Lesley did a great job with Aspen. She is only 8 months old but is so well behaved. I am so glad I took advantage of the board and train program.

Avoca PublicSafety

9 months ago
Our dog Wrigley (black lab) went to Leslie and Nebraska Dog Trainers for their 2 week program. Before Wrigley attended, he had the normal behaviors of a 6 month old; pulling on the leash when walking, only obeying simple commands when he …More

nicholas bell

7 months ago
Nebraska Dog trainers gives you all the tools you need to train your dog. We had a great experience taking our husky there and I would highly recommend them. They teach you how to continue the training once your sessions with them are …More

Anna Wright

9 months ago
The best experience. We bought an in ground fence, they took the time to train the dogs and were available for any questions or issues. They took the time to follow up to ensure all was working well. When we needed further training they …More

Pamela Fleming

7 months ago
So happy I chose Nebraska Dog Trainers. My 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog can now sit, heel both with and without leash, place while we are eating and I don’t want him around, and climb the ramp into my car. A worthwhile expense for the boarding training. Thanks to Carol for all her hard work.

Jaclyn McIntosh

6 months ago
Before our dog went through Nebraska Dog Trainers’ Board and Train program, she was bossy and would only listen to my husband. Training helped with her attitude a lot. She is still a little goofball, but a goofball that listens. The dog not …More

Kaylan Maloley

10 months ago
We brought our 6 month old minature boxer to Lesley at Nebraska Dog Trainers. She was AMAZING. After the first session we saw a huge difference in how Mowgli was behaving and listening to us. After just four lessons our dog can do all the …More

Katie Moriarty

9 months ago
Money well spent! My nine week old Golden Retriever puppy did so well during and after working for an hour with Lesley. Will definitely be back for more training when he is older. Highly recommend.

Tina Miller

8 months ago
I came away with so much knowledge after one consultation with Lesley. I can’t wait to try all the techniques I learned with my dog.

Clint Hart

6 months ago
Leslie and Brandi with Nebraska Dog Trainers did and excellent job training our 7 month old Doberman puppy. Before training he would counter surf, whine in his kennel for hours at night, continually chew on us, not come when he was called …More

Clint Seemann

2 months ago
Our dog now behaves very well. thanks

Jan Hiley

a year ago
I enrolled my 10 month old wheaten terrier in the 2 week program in hopes of harnessing some of her energy, of her learning better manners and of her responding to commands. I had enrolled her in a couple of other puppy training classes …More

Michael Monical

7 months ago
We have tried many other forms of training with our dogs in the past. The 2 week board and train was TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Leslie and Brandi have made a life time customer out of us.

Josh Moran

10 months ago
I had a great experience working with Lesley. We brought our German Shepard in for a puppy eval at 12 weeks and we also enrolled in basic obedience courses. I am more than satisfied with my experience and what we both learned. I would certainly recommens Lesley.

Mong-Kuen Sun

a year ago
Lesley was amazing. German Shepherd had dog aggression and leash pulling. Lesley’s two-week train and board program completely removed any dog aggression, and my dog happily heels and walks along like a champ. Thanks!

joan rooney

a year ago
Leslie and John put in an underground fence for my sweet dogs, Bonnie, Clyde and Reagan. They did a fabulous job and are very wonderful to work with. Not only are they fantastic to work with but they truly love my dogs and they love them. I would trust my animals with them at anytime.

Jill Davis-Haussler

a year ago
Amazing results from the Board and Train program! Best money I’ve ever spent. I can now enjoy my dog instead of constantly fighting with her to obey simple commands.

Ellis County Historical Society

a year ago
Amazing results! The trainers are very knowledgeable and professional. And loving! Treated my dog as their own. You won’t regret it!

Nick Piper

a year ago
I can’t say enough about this place! We have a 1 year old goldendoodle that needed work in all areas and after 4 sessions with Lesley she’s a totally different dog. Very impressed with their training program and would highly recommend to anyone!

Kaylea Crawford

a year ago
Best money I’ve ever spent! Other trainers only get you so far. These guys get you where you need to be in 2 weeks and that’s all the training you’ll need! Highly recommend the board and train!

Michelle Guarino

a year ago
Amazing company to work with. In 2 weeks they got my unruly, unmanageable, two-year-old German Shepherd to be a perfect gentleman! Can’t believe this is actually my dog. My only regret is not doing this sooner!!!

Sharon Thompson

a year ago
Would highly recommend the board & train program! We brought our 10 month old Lab to Lesley because Toby was totally out of control. We couldn’t walk him with him pulling us down the street, he loved to grab food off the counter and would …More

Scott Shipley

a year ago
Leslie is great! My dog has made great strides in just a few lessons.

Kingsley Gibbens

a year ago
Awesome trainers! They do such a great job.

John Price

11 months ago
Lesley and her trainers are the best!

Casey Baragary

5 months ago

Bryce Baragary

a year ago

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