Waiver and Agreement to Hold Harmless

I, the undersigned, have enrolled myself and my dog(s) in private dog training classes, seminar and/or board & train program offered by Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln. I understand that participation in Off Leash K9 Training’s private sessions, seminars and board & train are not without some risk, that despite all the dogs appearing healthy, and being handled with the greatest amount of care and foresight, dogs are not always predictable and the unexpected may occur. I hereby assume any and all risks that would customarily and ordinarily occur by my participation in dog handling, dog movement or activities onsite, and consent to a release to the benefit of Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln in consideration for my acceptance and participation in the program. I hereby waive and release Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln, its employees, owners and agents, of any and all claims while on the grounds or surrounding area thereto, and resulting from participation in Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln including specifically, but without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, including my own. I further agree to pay veterinary / medical expenses incurred as a result of injury caused by my dog(s). For our Board & Train program, I give Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln permission to seek veterinary care if necessary for my dog(s) at my expense, however, I will not hold

Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln responsible if they fail to seek veterinary care. Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln may use pictures of me or my dog for publicity or promotional purposes of “Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln” without liability or obligation of any kind to me; however no information/pictures can be sold or shared otherwise without additional consent.

I recognize that the role I play in my dog’s learning process is integral to achieving desired results. Although Off Leash K9 Training Omaha/Lincoln guarantees 100% control of your dog(s), I acknowledge and agree that there is no guarantee that my dog will achieve the desired level of training or be cured of its behavior issues, despite the best efforts of the instructor. For private lessons only, we offer a money back guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied after your 1st lesson, we will completely refund your money for the entire program you paid for. After that, I understand that there are no refunds after payment has been made. Please refer to offleashk9trainingnebraska.com for additional information on our guarantee.

I hereby declare that I am of legal age and competent to sign this agreement. I understand this agreement. I agree to be bound by it.

I have read the policies here and on the website offleashk9trainingnebraska.com for dog training and I agree to adhere to them.


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